Man Overboard!

Recent headline news  reveals “Kimkins Attorney Jumps Ship!”substitution-of-attorney

So, did Bert Cottle voluntarily jump overboard to escape Heidi Diaz and her dangerous diet scam or was he encouraged to walk the plank by the tip of a sword?

Surely more details will be forthcoming soon, but many are speculating that Bert finally realized how deeply in trouble he’d become by representing Ms. Diaz. 

Or did Kimmer dump him because he simply wasn’t up to the task?  After all, getting away with diet fraud IS a difficult challenge.

Others propose that  he simply left Ms. Diaz’s side because she just can’t afford to pay his legal bill.

One can only wonder if Mr. Cottle will be the next person that Ms. Diaz decides to sue in the ever growing Kimkins litigation.

What will Kimmer do without her trusty legal beagle by her side??

Stay tuned to see if he sinks or swims, and what will happen now that there is no one at the helm of Heidi’s defense.



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