Uncharted Waters ~ Kimkins Maintenance

Since Heidi’s “after” pictures reveal that she is not any thinner than her “before” pictures, what does that say about the Kimkins Maintenance Plan?

It is apparent that Heidi never devised a workable Kimkins Maintenance Plan because she never actually had to try to maintain her goal weight due to the simple fact that she’s never actually attained the 118 lb. weight that she professed to have maintained for 5+ years.

With no Kimkins Support for those who have reached their weight loss goals, unfortunately these folks more or less just cast adrift.

How are folks who have followed Kimkins doing on Maintenance if there is no Kimkins Maintenance Plan to follow?

 What Heidi claimed that she was eating on maintenance was posted on LCF in April of 2006:

 I tend to eat pretty much the same stuff every day. Even when we go out to eat I’ll be looking for a non-sauce protein, side veggie (no sauce) and a large salad.Breakfast: None or 1 egg omelette w/ veggies & ham
Snack: Yogurt (100 cal Dannon) and/or fruit
Lunch: Green salad w/ grilled chicken (or something similar)
Snack: Fruit (banana, pear, grapes or ?)
Dinner: Lean protein, 2-3 veggies (occasional potato or corn)
Once in a while a small dessert, but sweets are a problem area for me so I tend to not keep them in the house. Treats I bake for my foster sons are in a size that has no leftovers, LOL!I don’t use Fitday for myself very often, but when I do check I’m running around 1200-1400 calories, 70-100 carbs. This seems right for 118 lbs and a non-exerciser.Here’s what Christin says about Kimkins Maintenance:

Kimkins has NO maintenance program. The guidelines that were provided at one point in time were actually written by me, and were removed very quickly after I left the program. I am not a dietician or physician, so I have no doubt that even the guidelines that I was lead to believe were appropriate were lacking in nutritional value. Most of my friends and acquaintances who have since come off of the Kimkins program and resumed eating “normally” have either completely halted their weight loss efforts, or put back on the majority of the weight that they initially lost. Through our discussions we all agree that it would have behooved us to have lost the weight that we did utilizing a program that would not have set us up for such heartache.

With no real guidelines to follow, these Kimkins folks have had to fend for themselves with no help from their leader (who is unable to lead by example in this instance), and a great many of them have been encountering some major difficulties.


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