A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Unfortunately, as is the case with many new adventures, the maiden voyage of the HMS Kimtanic was destined from the beginning to be a disaster waiting to happen.

All of the necessary ingredients were easily assembled by the captain of this doomed vessel. A diet fraught with dangerous components, mixed generously with untruths and fabrications, stirred gently and plastered all over the Internet, was very tempting bait for the unsuspecting, well intentioned victims.

As the ship left port, a few whispered questions were shared amongst the passengers about the true identity of their captain.  Folks on either side of the ocean expressed their concerns with each other, anxious over the safety of all those aboard the HMS Kimtanic.  But what could be done to save the innocent souls on board?

Battling Kimkins, like battling a forest fire, requires determination and skill: Enter the DUCK Detectives. 


18 Responses

  1. love the ship. Thank you for helping to sink Kimmer and Kimkins.com

  2. Congrats on the launch! Sorry I forgot the champagne.

  3. Great post, thanks! Say no to Kimkins!!

    Stop the fraud! If you were a member of Kimkins, join the Kimkins diet lawsuit! Here is how to join the Kimkins lawsuit. It’s easy!

  4. Friends don’t let friends do Kimkins! Remember that cover girl on the WW Mag? Well, she learned the hard way about Kimkins and it’s dangers!! Read her blog and decide for yourself.


  5. Now that you know the Truth…Join the Lawsuit!!


  6. Boycot Kimkins in 2008!! Wanna know why? Go here to start and then read all the blogs:


  7. Thank you for informing those surfing the internet in 2008, that the answers they are looking for are not going to be found at Kimkins.com Any diet that requires one to use very low calories and low fat as the method of weight control is not a safe nor effective way to lose weight.

    Wishing you the best in the New Year of 2008!

    HoneyBee’s Blog
    I Am Not Ready To Make Nice with Kimkins
    Kimkins Lawsuit

  8. Is the first Cruise a New Years cruise?

  9. This is one of the key players in the fight against Kimkins and I think you should read her blog…don’t forget to search the webring too and see the other great info about this SCAM!


  10. The “Tim Worstall Tabloid Edition” says:

    November 12, 2007
    Kimkins, or the Kimkins diet has been shown up to be just another scam on the unsuspecting.

    Heidi “Kimmer” Diaz, the founder of the Kimkin’s diet – a low carb, low calorie diet – is schedule to appear in a Southern California court on Monday, November 12th, 2007. 11 former users of her Kimkins diet program filed a complaint against her one week ago, claiming fraud, false advertising, and unjust enrichment.
    The Kimkin’s scandal began when Woman’s World, a popular women’s magazine featured an article on the Kimkin’s diet.

    Ms Diaz, who was claiming to have lost 198 pounds in 11 months using her diet plan, refused to meet with the magazine in person, instead corresponding through email. She went so far as to send the magazine before and after pictures that looked nothing alike, which makes sense when people found out that the before pictures were Ms. Diaz, however the after pictures were taken from a Russian ‘mail-order’ bride web site.

    The kimkins diet advised eating just 500 calories a day. That less than concentration camp victims were getting:

    Kimkins diet followers reported hair loss, menstrual cessation, irregualr heartbeat, fainting spells, and liver damage from the starvation diet scam.

    No damn wonder! Let’s hope she’s jailed where she can get a decent diet!

  11. Kimkins.com

    are not the answer to anybody wanting to lose weight and live a long and healthy live as a goalie. Thanks for making this place availible to inform those with New yrs resolutions about weight loss about how nutrtionally bankrupt Kimkins.con is.

  12. Heidi is out still trying to scam people out of their money and their health. Many have made the mistake of thinking that since the courts have hold of her now everything is done. Heidi Diaz/Kimmer does not have a conscious or any respect for the law or her fellow human beings, which means she will not stop until forced to stop.
    Don’t forget we still need more to sign-up Kimkins Lawsuit

  13. Get The Word Out…
    I recently took up the cause to “get the word out” about Kimkins.com and the dangers of following this very low calorie diet. Don’t be fooled. Do your research! Kimkins.con is nothing more than a low fat, low carb, low calorie, unhealthy starvation diet that is causing Eating Disorders (EDs) and hair loss in many. This diet was started by a lady who calls herself “Kimmer” and never even lost the weight herself on her own diet. Kimmer even charges $59.95 for her unhealthy starvation diet and offers a “lifetime” membership that gets you banned from her website if you question her about her diet or after pictures. Friends don’t let friends do Kimkins!! Be smart in 2008 and lose weight the right and healthy way!

  14. seems Kimkins.com owner Kimmer has sunk one of the lifeboats this week with her misinformation about Tippy Toes current actions.

  15. Kimkins.com is a very dangerious diet that promotes Eating Disorders (EDs), hair loss and other health problems in people who follow it. This diet was started by a lady they call Kimmer who never lost the weight on her own diet let alone any other. Kimmer’s real name is Heidi Kimberly Diaz and she has set up a site for the specific reason to Scam and take money from people, NOT help them lose weight. Friends don’t let friends do Kimkins!!

  16. Get to the good part already where the Kimtanic hits the giant iceberg named John Teidt and the monster sinks!

  17. […] A Disaster Waiting To HappenPosted on December 19, 2007 by anonymous […]

  18. […] Why battle Kimkins Many are asking why do I and other bloggers spend time blogging about the the evil kimpire? well here are just a few of the reasons Which Road (or ship) Will YOU Take? « MJR’s-Duck Squad this one explains about the entire saga of a dieting disaster called kimkins A Disaster Waiting To Happen « HMS Kimtanic  […]

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